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Paedophilia, Libel, Spartacus, Truth and MST


Do you suppose it is fair that alleged paedophiles are named before they are found guilty in court?

No, My Black Cat. From the point of view of the alleged paedophile and his/her family it is not fair. In the UK everyone is innocent until proven guilty and this is the way it should be. In the case of paedophilia the naming of an innocent individual often leads to permanent damage of reputation, family relationships, income, and health. It could even lead to suicide. So naming names is not fair. It can destroy the innocent. However, once arrested, naming will occur largely because it is difficult to avoid. And naming certainly occurs when an individual is charged of a serious crime. Even if a court finds the accused not guilty, damage will still be done where paedophilia is suspected, because many will believe that the crime was committed but the evidence lacking, or that the case was thrown out on a technicality.

On the other hand, in the case of paedophilia and similar crimes, especially when there is a time lag in the reporting of the crime, often the only way to amass enough evidence for a trial is to name the alleged perpetrator and make that name very public in order that others come forward with their stories no matter how true, contrived, or false these stories may be.

So, in paedophilia, naming an innocent individual is unavoidable?

It seems to this old witch that it can’t be avoided especially since the Internet has changed everything in the search for evidence, My Black Cat.

In what way?

Social media will quickly respond with a groundswell of accusations, innuendo and misinformation if an individual is alleged to be involved in a serious crime that touches the heart of the nation. There will be the conspiracies that you are so fond of, and there will also be Creep as individuals who know nothing at all about the matter follow like sheep. However, in among the conspiracies, Creep and sheep there will be those who know The Truth and will express it without fear of libel. They can do this because The Truth is the ultimate defence against libel.

Then there is the “I am Sparticus” effect.

For example, the “I am Sparticus” effect was in full swing in 2010 as there was a groundswell of protests against the inappropriate conviction of a man who jokingly tweeted that he would blow up an airport if they didn’t get their act together.

“I am Spartacus” was triggered again last weekend on Twitter in a very different context. You will recollect that Mr Messham, now an adult, was one of the many children who suffered physical and sexual abuse as a child in care in North Wales. One of his alleged abusers was the name that Newsnight for some reason (presumably libel) felt they could not reveal. Social Media immediately responded by naming names. One of these names dominated and triggered the “I am Spartacus” effect.

It seems that the Internet has enormous potential to damage individuals. On the other hand, in spite of the background conspiratorial noise that will always be there, it also has potential to shout out The Truth. This is because, My Black Cat, although we find The Humankind perplexing and frustrating, when they think for themselves and express their individual thoughts, logic and experiences, it is likely The Truth will gradually emerge from among the chatter. The crowd can be very wise indeed.

The questions facing Leveson are:

How do you control the Internet?

Can you?

Should you?

Because in so doing you would need to control the conspirators and those who libel on a global basis.

How can this be possible?

You would also need to control the “I am Spartacus” effect also on a global basis.

And, most important of all, ultimately you would need to control “The Truth.”

Do you suppose that “Hacked Off” and its birth mother the “Media Standards Trust” have thought all of this through, My Black Cat?

Surely they realise they cannot control the Internet.

Surely they do not want to control “The Truth.”

Furthermore, My Black Cat, it has not passed me by that Dame Helena Kennedy QC has taken over the chair of The Media Standards Trust from Richard Graef who has resigned in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

That conflict of interest arose because Graef has founded a company, “Films of Record” that will be involved in making a film of the Leveson Inquiry.

You will recollect too, My Black Cat, that Sir David Bell, a co-founder of the Media Standards Trust also had to step down last year due to a conflict of interest.

His conflict was that he had joined the Leveson Inquiry as an assessor.

I would propose My Black Cat, that standing down does not eliminate the interest these people have in the aims and objectives of The Media Standards Trust. Indeed you could say, they are disseminating their interests to other places of influence. In these circumstances, it seems to me that the term “conflict of interest” is just jargon.

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