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North Wales : Hoarding, flashing, tweeting


Here is an extract from one of our recent posts.

“Going back to the 1990’s in Wales. It appears that Clwyd County Council had an independent inquiry into allegations in children’s homes. It was decided not to publish that report and some say it may even have been destroyed for “insurance purposes”.

It was because of the absence of the findings of this inquiry that William Hague ordered another Inquiry, “Lost in care, a tribunal of inquiry into the abuse of children in care in the former county council areas of Gwynedd and Clwyd since 1974.” This is often referred to as “The Waterhouse Report”

It was said the contents of the first independent inquiry were “pulped.”

The Witch Doctor, being a simple soul, could not get her head round why and how these records could have been “pulped.” The “insurance purposes” story seemed feeble and unbelievable. Surely the documentation of something as important as child abuse in a protected state environment (proven, not just alleged) was a matter of great public interest and these records should not have been destroyed even if they were never made public. Presumably they were not available to the Waterhouse Inquiry since the reason William Hague ordered this was because the records were destroyed.

All very odd.

However, it appears all the records were not destroyed. Channel 4 reported last night that local council official Sian Griffiths, head of personel, and later secretariat to The Waterhouse Inquiry kept copies of everything that should have been “pulped.” Nocturnally, Paraic O’Brien, a reporter from Channel 4 viewed a pile of paperwork relating to the initial report on Sian Griffiths’ kitchen table. It didn’t look as if he was able to read much of the contents of these papers. Presumably the police will be studying them shortly.

In the meantime, David Cameron, was ambushed into responding on live TV when a piece of paper containing the names of alleged abusers was thrust in his face by Philip Schofield. Unfortunately, there is a possibility these names were inadvertently flashed to viewers for a split second. The names were evidence-lite and had been obtained simply by trawling the Internet Conspiracies.

No doubt David Cameron or his aides had already trawled the Internet conspiracies and knew all about the Trial by Twitter.

And today, it is reported in The Guardian that the high ranking former tory alleged to be involved in paedophilia in North Wales, and named widely in the Internet, is alleged to be a case of mistaken identity. They now say it might have been another member of the family or a family with the same name, now dead.

The Internet will always be full of allegations and counter-allegations that lack evidence either way. This happens as people who have little knowledge of libel laws think out loud. Also, there will always be folk, like My Black Cat, who in order to relieve the boredom of life get a kick out of conspiracies. And there will always be those who Creep. But eventually the pendulum will stop swinging wildly as The Truth emerges.

But right now, the frantic, swinging, paedophile pendulum is bad news for The World Wide Web. There are those eager to control the media waiting impatiently in the wings. Nowadays, The Media = The Internet and those who are malevolent towards the freedom it currently enjoys are being handed the gift of justification for media control on a plate.

What a mess!



From the Guardian.


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  1. I wasn’t convinced by Stephen Messham’s statement today. I’ve been puzzling over his qualification that the police told him that the photograph he had been shown was of Lord McAlpine. I’ve also been reading Lord McAlpine’s wiki biog and found that he purchased ‘art’ works from Graham Ovenden, which were photos of very young girls. You can read more about Graham Ovenden here;

  2. I’m flummoxed about the photo too, Julie, and have just put up a post about it.
    There is no doubt that Graham Ovenden is a very talented artist. When art becomes pornography can be difficult. Presumably in the case of a child, it is to do with whether a child is used as a model and if so in what circumstances. It’s late. Will sleep on this!

  3. Julie, My Black Cat is asking if you were dreaming late last night. Or is it a case of now you see it now you don’t?

  4. Maybe I was dreaming, WD. Then again, I managed to find the original quote from Wiki before it was bowdlerised;

    “In May 2003 the London ”Evening Standard” reported that Lord McAlpine was the “well-known and anonymous collector” for whom Bloomsbury Book Auctions was selling a collection of 344 “fashion and eroticism” photographs, including “10 snaps of very young girls in very suggestive poses by [[Graham Ovenden]]”.”McAlpine erotic sell-off”, ”Evening Standard”, May 23 2003, p10″

    Have searched the ES for the article but couldn’t find it. I’m beginning to understand why my father used to cut articles out of papers and hoard them. The net is a blessing and a curse..

  5. Ha Ha, so you’re a hoarder too, Julie, just like Sian Griffiths and Lord McAlpine even if it seems that the spirit moved him to unload this particular hoard.

    We witches are avid hoarders also, and Black Cats hoard the rats that don’t make it into the cauldron so all five of us have much in common – none of this minimalistic lifestyle for us.

    I’m sure somebody somewhere will be hoarding the May 2003 Edition of the London “Evening Standard” and then we will be six.

    I wonder who made the entry into the wiki page, how long it was there and who removed it immediately after you spotted it. The timing may indicate there is some nocturnal reader of this blog who is interested in Lord McAlpine’s photographic collection, or it is just a coincidence, but more likely it is a magic spell.


    It seems the seller of the photos may have been an Art Gallery in Australia. If this report is true they were looking a gift horse in the mouth! They report that Lord McAlpine was a bit miffed as any hoarder (like us) would be.

    So you could print this off and hoard it in a little tin box Julie.

    And here is some art-speak!

    “This collection is extraordinary because it captures the moment just before we chose to make eroticism banal, an environmental itch rather than a secret delight.”

  7. If you’re an art lover, here’s more to hoard in the tin box:

  8. The Witch Doctor is a bit of an art lover and has trailed rather aimlessly around art exhibitions all her life.

    Here is some of Graham Ovenden’s art. I might do a post on this later (if I can be bothered….)

  9. Witchdoctor, I have always prided myself on my ability to find things, but I must bow to you and My Black Cat for your admirable rat-catching abilities. I think my little tin box is going to be full to busting quite soon..

    PS Graham Ovenden is positively creepy. I would not let him put a carpet in my house or watch my children for that matter..

  10. […] Witch Doctor made this comment on 9 November […]

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