Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 10, 2012

CHILD ABUSE : if The Witch Doctor “shared a name”………


Lord McAlpine’s denial has been delivered not before time. Indeed The Witch Doctor cannot understand why it was not written many years ago when it was implied that the a man “who shares the name of Mrs Thatcher’s ally” was an alleged child sexual abuser in North Wales.

Why was it worded like that all these years ago?

It seems that the surname was known among certain circles and associations were being made way back in the mid 1990’s.

Consider this, My Black Cat. If The Witch Doctor’s witchy surname had been flaunted around in such a way that there was the slightest hint, however remote, however ridiculous, that she might be associated with child abuse, The Witch Doctor would have made a right good old song and dance about it at the time. She would not have let sleeping dogs lie. Child sexual abuse is a very serious allegation and it will never go away unless it is addressed openly. By the time subtle allegations and innuendos appear far away from the well-known conspiracy peddlers, it is too late to hope it will stay festering or go away. One day it will explode. It needs to be fearlessly brought into the bright light.

However, perhaps Lord McAlpine did take that approach at the time but social media, not being around then, didn’t spread the news of the denial and so most people, including The Witch Doctor, would not have picked up on it.

So maybe social media is to be blessed and cursed simultaneously.

However the focus is once more going off piste.

Lord Mcalpine, Newsnight, its editors, its lawyers, and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and above all the Director General of the BBC, George Entwhistle – the poor sod who walked into this mayhem only two months ago are all now taking centre stage.

With the exception of Lord McAlpine’s necessary statement, it seems to a witch that there is much over-reacting about the malfunctioning of the BBC.

Most of the above is really collateral damage. The real problem is child sexual and physical abuse involving children in the care system. We know that it happened in various settings in the UK because there have been Inquiries and trials and people have been jailed. It is not just ALLEGED child abuse within the care system – it is ALLEGED plus PROVEN child abuse. The immediate questions are:

Was the child abuse a long time ago properly tied up?

Is it still going on?


However the police are going to have a hell of a job because any evidence after all these years depends on several reliable but independent witnesses coming forward to tell of their experiences and these need to corroborate.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, naming names of alleged abusers and risking libel in so doing, is probably the most effective way in mobilising significant numbers of witnesses with their stories – and only some of those stories will be reliable enough to present for  scrutiny in the courts.

The media needs to stay focused on child abuse, or at least not do anything that would prove detrimental to future criminal investigations.  However, there is another not completely unrelated problem that will likely soon explode like a giant firework … but more about that in another post some way down the line.

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