Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 13, 2012

Regulate the press by statute. Good idea. Eh?


In our last post we introduced the concept of Intertwinglements to new readers.

And no doubt we bamboozled them with the entity that we call “The Intertwingled Triplets.”

These triplets are Common Purpose, The Media Standards Trust, and Demos. They have common ancestry.

And there in the background – helping the Media Standards Trust to present the case for a regulated press is the Triplet “Demos” along with the Carnegie Trust.

Demos and The Media Standard’s Trust – sticking together as siblings should.

Looks clumsy, eh?

You will need to cut and paste this link, and as you do, ask yourself why My Black Cat has not linked directly. The reason is pretty obscure. You’ll never work it out.

After all she has passed her feline html exam with flying colours.

Just to prove her expertise with html or xtml or whatever it is that black cats use, here is another link you can click on if you can be bothered.

Go on.

Be bothered.

Click on the link.

Do try.

Read it.

redapple.jpg a red apple ……………………

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