Posted by: Witch Doctor | November 25, 2012

Are tweeters guilty until proven innocent?


The legal system has not yet given a verdict.

A name that wasn’t named.

A flash card that wasn’t read. Probably.

If folks did manage to read the card they chose not to reveal what was said. If it had been folded, it seems there would not have been a problem.

These actions resulted in a wealthy Lord receiving £185,000 from the BBC and £125,000 from ITV in out of court settlements.

But no-body has been sued yet.

There has been no court case.

There is no verdict.

The wealthy non-dom Peer is, and has always been, innocent of paedophilia.

Legally, how can it be otherwise?

Innocent until proven guilty is the law of the land.


Tweeters and re-tweeters are different though.

It seems they are assumed guilty until proven innocent.

Furthermore, they receive no legal warning that they should seek legal advice since anything they say or write may be used in evidence against them in court.

If you tweet and re-tweet and are so inclined, you can confess to a crime without seeking legal advice.

If you tweet and re-tweet and are so inclined, you can confess to a crime and apologise.

If you tweet and re-tweet and are so inclined, you can confess to a crime and fill in a Twitter Reconciliation form.

Whatever that is.

You can find all the information you require to apologise, express your guilt, reconcile, and be punished here:

And here:

Click to access mcalpine.pdf

And here:

Click to access Twitter_Form.pdf

On the other hand, you can assume yourself innocent of a crime until a court finds you guilty.

A civil court or even a criminal court.

The crime is one of tweeting or re-tweeting a little piece of a jigsaw.

Yes. A jigsaw.

Perhaps the precedent needs to be set by a few tweeters and re-tweeters going to court.

Then they, and everyone else, will really know where they stand within the UK legal system.

In the meantime, everything is now well and truly off piste. It has been going off piste from the very beginning.

It seems the frenzy is now more about one wealthy Lord’s seriously hurt feelings rather than about whether children in this country have been or continue to be seriously hurt by being physically and sexually abused – especially those who are supposed to be in places of safety like children’s homes and hospitals.

The world is well and truly tilting.

Isn’t it, My Black Cat?

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