Posted by: Witch Doctor | December 28, 2012

Thoughts on data, dementia and lemons


Every now and then, The Witch Doctor feels the need to roll out her crazy “lemon post” first published in 2008.

Once upon a time, what you said to your doctor was regarded as confidential. No more. Nowadays Tom, Dick, Harry and the government seem to want to know everything about you including your current health problems and even your predicted future health problems. Furthermore, doctors are being forced bribed into being complicit with this.

When, are doctors going to learn how to say the simple two lettered word “no,” and mean it? Doctors should never become government creeps, for it is potentially dangerous.

At the moment there is talk about opportunistic screening for early dementia.

Jobbing Doctor has just written about it.

There is a letter in the Telegraph and a further article here. over what Mr Cameron describes as a “scandal.”

The Witch Doctor has been asking for well over a decade now:

“What is the point of screening patients for early dementia?

She has yet to hear a satisfactory answer.

Perhaps somebody out there can help?

The reason had better be a good one because The Witch Doctor believes, that given the current state of our knowledge about dementia, opportunistic screening is unethical.

The reason today is different but  here is what we said one of the times we rolled out the lemon post:

There’s lots and lots of money to be made in data-mining, My Black Cat.

We saw this coming. Didn’t we?


That’s why we posted our crazy lemon post 3 years ago.

Soon you will need to be appraised, revalidated and carry a license to buy a lemon or grow a lemon tree.

A BITTER TASTE OF THINGS TO COME (2) (first posted on WD in November 2008)

Don’t be so tedious, My Black Cat.

The lemons are NOT for dunking in your tea!

They were found in the pockets of the secret writers. They are for doctors and patients so they can make case notes together.

The secret, confidential variety.

To run in parallel with the woolly public ones that don’t say much but satisfy every Tom Dick and Harry who feel “they have a need to know.”

They won’t call them case notes though.

They’ll call them An Aide Memoire, A To Do List, A Memo. Or if a witch is involved, an Addendum to The Book of Spells.

And no one else will know of their existence.

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