Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 3, 2013

What is it with women doctors?


Recently Max Pemberton risked putting his neck on the block by writing this post in the Telegraph.


The Witch Doctor has been wittering on about women in medicine since the beginning of this blog in 2007. In fact, she thought the increase in women doctors was one of the (several) reasons behind the MTAS/MMC debacle.

She also thought it was one of the reasons why the then Chief Medical Officer proclaimed in parliament that “the country needs more doctors”.

The Witch Doctor is not yet clear why the number of medical students recruited into medicine nowadays is predominantly female.

She is still not yet clear whether male applicants to medical school are now being discriminated against (no-body will admit to this of course if it is the case.)

She still does not know whether the number of women being admitted to medical school is a reflection of whether:

1. Women are more intelligent than men.

2. Women have better qualifications at school leaving age than men.

3. It is perceived that women make better doctors than men.

4. Men are avoiding becoming doctors (some might say in the NHS post April Fool’s day 2013, that this would indicate high intelligence).

It would be good if some university don in some medical faculty somewhere who has researched the recruiting of medical students could answer these questions.

In the meantime it seems timely that the witch doctor reads through what she has previously written on women doctors and related matters. Heaven knows what she said over the years! That is what me and My Black Cat will be reading during The Witching Hour.

It’s all here in a feed searching this blog for the term “women doctors”

Please note: Since the Witch Doctor writes anonymously or rather conceals using pseudonyms and Witch Speak she may be pulling the wool over your eyes that she is an old hag of a doctor of the female variety. She may be male, female, both or other. She might be a feminist or a male chauvinist pig. She might neither even be old nor a hag! But she is definitely a registered medical practitioner.

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