Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 6, 2013

The law of supply and demand : Part 2


Dumbing down in the NHS might seem a good idea to all of those involved in designing The Skills Escalator.

However, sooner or later, it will become apparent that doctors are required and there are not enough of them

It seems the Law of Supply and Demand is kicking in and some junior doctors are consequently earning a pretty penny.


“Trainee doctors are being paid more than £2,000 a day for locum shifts in NHS hospitals as the bill for agency staff spirals out of control, a Telegraph investigation has found.”


Hospitals spent more than £2 billion on locum doctors in three years – a sum which could have paid the wages of 32,000 junior doctors or 10,000 consultants over the period;




  1. I’m wondering what the effect of delegating doctor training to the ‘GP’ consortia is going to have on supply. It’s one of those things that costs money to fund and you can lose the doctor to another consortia. Will it mean that in places like Scotland and Northern Ireland where there is still a national strategy in place, that they may come recruiting here and our doctors disappear south for higher wages? A Philippino situation?

  2. There may be many unintended consequences of the changes that are happening now. When the law of supply and demand kicks in I suppose anything goes.

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