Posted by: Witch Doctor | April 12, 2013

The Witch is Dead


No she’s not!

She is here and very much alive and so is My Black Cat.

It seems there has been a great wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth about what to do about the fact that the song “The Witch is Dead” from the Wizard of Oz has been raging through the charts. It is at Number three right now -apparently it is likely to become Top of the Pops.

Just in time for the funeral of Margaret Thatcher.

It might be extremely unpleasant for the late Lady Thatcher’s relatives and friends to experience the resurrection of this song in the context of the death of a loved one. They may be upset too by the “Death Celebrations” that are going on in small pockets of the country. Or maybe, in their grief, they will just let all the rubbish being generated by The Creeping Humankind to float away into the sewers where it belongs.

The Witch Doctor does not, on balance think the promotion of “political correctness” is a good idea. She can understand fully why people should be prosecuted for uttering malevolence from time to time. In some circumstances it is necessary. But prosecution cannot cover every context.

In her view it is preferable to let people make their deplorable utterances and so let others be aware of what is going on inside the heads of their friends, colleagues, neighbours and enemies. Better have the malevolence out in the open where quiet judgments can be made about the individuals around you. Better to know what is going on inside their heads than not to know. Too much political correctness can push atrocious thoughts underground where they cannot be dealt with.

So The Witch Doctor is of the view that the abusive insults associated with Margaret Thatcher’s death should be allowed as long as they are within the law. It is a barometer by which the minds of individual members of The Humankind and the collective Humankind in a country can be judged. It may serve as a warning. It may also make individual members of the Humankind consider whether their own thoughts are creeping into malevolence and where that Creep might lead.

And so, with the death of Margaret Thatcher, “celebrating” the dead is taking on a whole new meaning.

Take heed “Dying Matters” and “Final Fling,” and all the “celebrants” out there!

There are no “good deaths.”

The term may at times comfort.

But it is just jargon.

And at times, by a few thugs, and others too, the jargon can be mis-interpreted.

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