Posted by: Witch Doctor | June 6, 2013

The Cost of Bad Judgement


It was always blatantly clear that altering the child /staff ratios in childcare was a really, really stupid idea. It was obvious to Witches, Black Cats and even to the Rats that we avidly hunt, that this really, really stupid idea would put children at risk. Parents do not knowingly place their young offspring in risky places. Cost does not come into it. The most important consideration for a parent is the safely of their children.

How much time has been spent and consequently how much tax-payers’ money has been wasted in debating this really, really stupid idea?

How many other really, really, stupid ideas have this coalition and previous governments wasted our money on?

How many really, really stupid ideas will future governments waste taxpayers’ money debating?

How many really, really stupid ideas have present and past governments pushed through parliament without due consideration of the negative consequences?

It is the ideas that are stupid. It is not that governments are stupid. It is rather a matter of blinkered bad judgement that wastes our money.

We Black Cats believe that a way must be found to hold individuals in government to account when they succumb to blinkered bad judgement that is wasting tax-payers’ money.

Jail them, lock them in the Tower of London for a decade or make them pay back the money wasted!

Just do something to stop it for pities sake!

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