Posted by: Witch Doctor | June 10, 2013

“Prism” and other “shocking” things


The Black Cats of the world are not fans of Facebook.

There is a right old hue and cry going on about something known as “Prism.”

The Black Cats of the witching community are not very surprised about the revelations coming out whether or not they turn out to be correct. There have been mutterings for some time about links between Facebook and the CIA.

It seems as if The Guardian has been following the trail of the security involvement with social media for some time.

This article appeared in The Guardian in 2008.

The Witch Doctor, being slow off the mark, didn’t mention it much until 2011 when there was a bit of a fracas among the medical profession in Facebook. At that time she took an opportunity to have a bit of a rant about what might be considered to be REALLY shocking in this world.

Here is the rant of 2011:


No matter what your thoughts are regarding the last post where Cynthia, the employer, scouted around the internet looking for Candy’s (the prospective employee) “extended CV,” it has to be accepted that an individual’s internet presence will be tapped into by employers, prospective employers and disciplinary bodies. It is one of life’s realities – a by-product of the World Wide Web.

Candy, the Tantalising Tweeter, the Face Book Fanatic, The Bebo Baby, has learned much from the older woman. She will have been told many times by others to be careful what she said on Internet forums but this advice fell on deaf ears because it came from over cautious “old fogies” like her sister Carmen.

It was not until it became very personal that Candy realised that she had left important cyber-fingerprints that could influence important aspects of her life. And that influence could be detrimental.

She had never thought about what she said on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, Blogging or comments on other’s blogs could become an appendage to her CV.

Last week some doctors said some pretty “shocking” things on Twitter.


It seems the conversation was continued into Facebook but this witch is not a Facebook Fanatic so she has no idea what was going on there. It was probably very rude as people became embroiled in the argument.

Apparently the news spread across the pond. Some were “aghast” over there rather than “shocked.” Some extracts are here:


So far, nothing was said in what she read that shocked this witch in the slightest.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Perhaps The Witch doctor was shocked that other doctors were so easily “shocked!”

Irritated? Maybe. Maybe not.

Disappointed? Maybe. Maybe not.



Surely not.

These “shocked” and “angry” people are doctors, for pities sake! Since a doctor has to face many shocking situations during a medical career, she wondered how on earth, these sensitive “shocked” doctors would cope if faced with situations that were indeed shocking.

It even reached The Telegraph. Medical banter is clearly much more “shocking” news than the Health and Social Care Bill about to tip toe quietly through the House of Lords. A Bill that will be so subject to “Creep” that it will eventually destroy the NHS.

Perhaps everyone should waken up and be shocked and angry by that!

The derogatory terms mentioned by the tweeting doctors were Labia Wards, Madwives, Cabbage Patches and Birthing Sheds.

It is Black Humour.

Most Black Humour is derogatory if you want to look on it that way.

Doctors since the beginning of time have used Black Humour. There are probably many reasons for this. Maybe somebody somewhere has published research papers on the phenomenon. The Witch Doctor has never thought it important enough to study at all, but off the top of her head thinks it might be the result of:

A type of coping strategy

An attempt to “harden-up” emotionally

An attempt to hide an over-sensitive personality from colleagues

There may be all sorts of deep-rooted psychological reason for Black Humour, but in The Witch Doctor’s view much of it is simply clever banter by sharp brains.

The Witch Doctor is not a feminist although some who know her in real life suspect she might be.

She believes men and women are very different.

Women when huddled together tend to look into each others souls whereas men tend to cover up their souls with banter.


A couple of years ago The Witch Doctor was in a situation where a group of electricians, builders, painters and plumbers were all working together in a small space. They were all employed separately and none of them knew each other well. They were all thrown together. There was no delving into each other’s lives, or feelings, or souls. That was taboo. It was just bravado and banter. Banter at its best. Sharp and witty banter scattered with plenty of black humour. The Witch Doctor was in a small room next door almost rolling about on the floor laughing. These tradesmen forgot she was there. It was just as well because if they had remembered there was a witch, and a “lady” witch at that next door, then probably they would just have whistled!

Male doctors are just the same as these tradesmen. A few females are too. And like them, some can be very witty.

Are these doctors who use Black Humour offensive?

Are they less caring?

Do they need to be educated in the art and science of empathy?

Do they need to be provided with a “Tool Box” to teach them Compassion?

Do they need their regulators to spy on them?

Have a look at what the GMC are up to now.

Is this the beginning of something that will creep?

My Black Cat is of the opinion that such Creep is inevitable. She has also been muttering something about links between Facebook and the CIA after Dr Phil’s comment on the last post.

Now, if true, such a link might be considered by some to be much more “shocking” than the Black Humour of the medical profession.

Yes, The Health and Social Care Bill and the Creep that will follow, the GMC spying on the private lives of all doctors, and now the possibility that the CIA are involved in social media.

These are the kind of things that shock witches.

Not Black Humour.

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