Posted by: Witch Doctor | March 3, 2008

My Black Cat’s shopping list



You are clutching a very very long list, My Black Cat.

• Nisar Amir, Maidstone Hospital
• Clare Armour, WPET Project Manager, DH
• Steve Barnett, Director NHS Employers
• Chris Beasley, Chief Nursing Officer
• Andrew Bentley, Chair of Governors, University of Bedfordshire
• Carol Black, Chair AoMRC
• Cynthia Bower, CE NHS West Midlands
• Liz Bowsher, Deputy Director, DH – Education, Training & Development Branch
• Tony Butterwoth, Independent Consultant
• Peter Carter, Vice Chancellor of TVU
• Clare Chapman, DG Workforce, DH
• Harry Clayton, Chief Executive, CHRE
• Jane Collins, Chief Executive, Great Ormond Street Hospital
• Paul Corrigan, HS London Strategy Director
• Laura Davis, Monitor
• Anne Duffy, Community District Nursing Association
• Nigel Edwards, NHS Confederation
• Audrey Emerton, Baroness and distinguished member of the nursing profession and former chair of the UKCC
• Cheryl Etches, Nurse Director, the Wolverhampton Hospital NHS Trust
• Steve Field, Chairman, Royal College of GPs
• Jonathan Fielden, British Medical Association



What are you doing with all these shopping baskets, My Black Cat.

You’re going shopping……

You’ll never fill all these baskets.

Yes you will?

• Ken Fleming, Dean Oxford
• Joan Fletcher, Education, Training & Development Branch, DH
• David Flory, DG NHS Finance, Performance and Operations, DH
• Jonathan Gardner, Workforce Programme Office, DH
• Ian Gilmore, President, Royal College of Physicians
• Flora Goldhill, Director Workforce Capacity Analysis and HR, DH
• Bob Greatorex, RCS
• Nic Greenfield, Director Workforce Education, Regulation and Pay, DH
• David Guest, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management, Kings College, London
• Frances Harkins, Clinical Education Infrastructure and Regulation, DH
• Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer, DH
• Paul Holmes, Strategic Workforce Planning, DH
• Minoo Irani, Consultant Community Paediatrician, East Berkshire PCT
• Chris Jeffries, NHS North West
• Harri Jenkins, Consultant Imperial College
• Karen Jennings, Head of Health, Unison
• Ann Keen, Parliamentary Secretary of State for Health
• Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director, DH
• Gavin Larner, Director of Professional Regulation, DH
• Moira Livingston, NHS North East Workforce Director
• Sarah Lucking, Private Secretary to Ann Keen, DH
• Martin Marshall, Health Foundation
• Glenn Mason, Director of Social Care Leadership and Performance, DH
• Adrian Masters, Director of Strategy, Monitor
• Debbie McCarthy, Kings College London
• Hamish Meldrum, Chairman, British Medical Association
• Lesley Mercer, Director, CSP
• Karen Middleton, Chief Health Professions Officer, DH
• Janet Monkman, NHS East Midlands Workforce Director
• Sheelagh Morris, Allied Health Professions Branch, DH
• Pat Oakley, Director, Practices Made Perfect
• Elizabeth Owen, Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology West Middlesex Hospital
• Katie Petty-Saphon, Executive Director, Council of Heads of. Medical Schools
• Roy Pounder, RCP
• David Prentis, General Secretary, Unison
• Anne Marie Rafferty, Dean of the Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College, London.
• Anne Rainsberry, NHS London Workforce Director
• Bernard Ribiero, President, RCS
• John Rogers, Chief Executive, Skills for Health
• Finlay Scott, Chief Executive, GMC
• Steve Shubrook, Thames Valley University
• Janice Sigsworth, Deputy CNO, DH
• Eileen Sill, Nurse Director and Director of Clinical Services
• Stephanie Somerville, NSR Programme, DH
• David Sowden, SRO MMC, DH
• Terence Stephenson, Dean – Nottingham University
• David Stout, NHS Confederation PCT Network Director
• Simon Thompson, Education commissioning and funding, DH
• John Tooke, Dean of Peninsula College
• Paul Turner, Council of Deans
• Tony Weetman, Acting Chair of the Medical Schools Council
• Steve West, Council of Deans
• Dale Westaway, British Medical Association
• Chan Wheeler, DG Commercial, DH
• Kim Wililams, Royal Liverpool Children’s Trust
• John Wolfe, NHS South West Workforce Director

My Black Cat, have you noticed you are shopping for people?


What’s all this about?

You might tell me tomorrow.

Or the next day.

Or the day after that.

If you can be bothered.

OK. I’m a very patient witch.

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  1. Clearly if you need a ‘National Working Group for Workforce’ in today’s NHS, you might as well employ everyone in the country to sit on it! Except of course those undeserving junior doctors who haven’t suffered enough yet! Australia is clearly good enough for them!

    Seriously overstaffed this committee will design horsesand get camels in the classic way. If it can even do that! Donaldson may not be there but Chapman and many incompetents are! Be on your guard! UNtil they are removed the chances of further major work force cock-ups, like 2005 and the 2007 MMC and all that, are high.

  2. Thanks for visiting David.

    Yes, defining the role of the doctor is now a major task in the context of a skills escalator that has been going on quietly in the background and is now a fait accompli.

    Presumably this vast committee has been charged with the task. If it is not them, who else will it be?

    The medical staff on this committee will need to be very strong and perhaps lose their manners from time to time. What they say and do now will need to be very specific and there are some issues where there should be no compromise whatsoever. This is crucial for the future of healthcare in this country.

    The trouble is things have already gone so far that some reversal will be required and this is always difficult to acheive.

  3. […] THE SHOPPING LIST […]

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