The Witch


Here I am!!

The NHS is in such dire straights that I’ve been sent by the witching community to find out what the hell’s going on. It’s a bloomin’ nuisance because I have plenty of other things to do just now that are much more important.

I like to get all my spells and potions made up at this time of the year and stock them up in the deep freeze so I can put my feet up when the sun comes out. My broomstick, has failed its MOT and you won’t believe the angst that’s causing me. I’ve not done a job plan, been appraised, or collected any CPD for the past year so I’m liable to be disciplined by the GWC and not get paid. On top of this, my cats got fleas. And I’m needing to get a quick face lift and some botox. And look at my hair! So, you can see the NHS is not at the top of my “to do” list!!!

Don’t think for a moment this blog is for anyone’s benefit. It’s just for me. I’ve just set it up so I can put it in my Appraisal Folder. I don’t care a damn if you read it or not. Or post any comments. If you do, don’t expect me to answer or pay any attention to them. I’ve enough crap to read.

I’m certainly not going to stretch myself over this. Some bite-sized reading every couple of days maybe. I hear there’s been a bit of drama over something called MTAS so I’d better find out about that first. I’ll start by exploring the documents in the House of Commons about the medical establishment. That should be quite amusing and I won’t have to think too hard!

And if you do stumble across this website from time to time, don’t expect to be enlightened or uplifted in any way. I’m going to make sure its like a dog’s breakfast!

1 April 2007


  1. I don’t know where you are coming from or who you are, but I adore your sense of humour, very much like my own. I found your site while skipping through the pages, I don’t surf! I am one of those NHS employees, a band 7 senior sister in fact, and I’m also a practicing witch (so please do not print my details) the establishment are not that broadminded yet. I am going to bookmark your site so I can visit again, when ever I need a laugh.

    • My sister advised me to write him and i was so amazingly shocked to see all my problems fly away after explaining my problems to him details. Out of experience i can assure no matter how difficult your problem may be he will give you the solution within a short period of time. this is the email with which i contacted him: im happy because my life is well now.

  2. Thanks for passing by Teresa.

    Look in again soon.

  3. Thank you for making your blog available. I’m sitting over here in the US of A and really wishing I could find a doctor with your sensibilities, etc. I don’t think there’s a doctor in America who would dare openly proclaim him- or herself a Witch…meaning that if I, as a Witch, wanted to find a doctor who didn’t think just in terms of drugs and surgeries, I would be hard pressed. Thank you again, and I’ve bookmarked you, so I’ll be back around.

  4. I found this site by accident! I love it, Your humor is great and so is the wisdom, I found it by looking up “sneezing” thats all I have been doing, have a flu here in Mass~~ US~~

    I am also a practitioner of the arts…
    And do almost everything with a holistic approach~~ But i am over on the western side with this flu/sneez demon in my nose!!!

    any suggestions?? I am talking about taking Benadryl and eveyother thing imaginable~~and nettying my head 3 x’s a day~! I know eveyone sneezes but NOT 40 x’s in a ROW everytime!

  5. Very nice web site.

  6. Loving your humour, and your exasperation with the NHS.

    In that vein, I was hoping you would consider adding our to the links on your site. We are the largest medical revision wiki in the world, but we do it with a sense of humour: for example:, or

    Considering we are aiming to be fully peer reviewed, and referenced, the total lack of support we’ve had from any med school in 6 years of operation has been disappointing. Your support would lift us out of that depression hehe.

    Keep up the good work!
    Dr Chris Lowry

  7. Have linked to MedRevise and will visit in order to learn a thing or too that’s long forgotten.

  8. Might I suggest that The Witch should not put Saudi Arabia on her holiday itinerary:

  9. Joanne everything move smoothly. Will always be greatful to you. Dr Marwam Samir EL did it……i would give out his email to anyone too just as you gave me……

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