Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 23, 2013

No home birth for a king


Oh dear, My Black Cat, the wonder of the birth of a child (any child) is being dampened down by the wet blanket Republicans who seem to have a need to get in their tuppence-worth.

Republicans or Royalists, they all seem to be missing an important point.

The latest addition to the Royal family was not delivered at home.

Presumably it would have been possible to have very comfortable labour and delivery rooms with all sorts of accoutrements such as birthing pools available at Kensington Palace, any other palace, or the Middleton’s home.

Presumably there are competent midwives, obstetricians, anaesthetists, paediatricians etc who could have been enticed to be close at hand for a home delivery in a palace or a country house.

Presumably all sorts of expensive equipment could have been wheeled in for the occasion.

Presumably this would have resulted in more privacy for the couple and avoided disruption in the street around the hospital.

Presumably it would also have avoided possible leaks and pranks such as the one resulting in the tragedy of a nurse who committed suicide during the Duchess of Cambridge’s earlier admission with morning sickness.

Nevertheless, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to have their first child in a hospital setting.

Perhaps they were advised it would be safer. After all, when things go wrong in obstetrics, they can go wrong very quickly and all sorts of expertise, medications and equipment might be required immediately.

This, after all, is a future King.

Perhaps this baby is special.

Perhaps the “home birth targets” don’t count for future kings.

Perhaps this baby is more special than the babies of the twee parents who would move mountains to have a home delivery for their offspring (and for themselves).

Perhaps the would-be republicans who are fussing over the fuss would be better to fuss over government targets for home births.

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