Posted by: Witch Doctor | July 25, 2013

Revisiting a change for the better


Well, My Black Cat, after all the excitement of a royal birth, it is time to focus ourselves on more mundane matters.

We were, in our post on 17th July, discussing change. A better kind of change – or so we thought.

So, what have you discovered when you followed the two links on our post, My Black Cat?


You have discovered you had to get the abacus out and add up some figures on Page 49 of the Keoch Review?

And what were these figures My Black Cat?

The cost of The Keoch Review was £169,000 + £28,000 + £30,000

That gives a total cost of £227,000

Well, My Black Cat, it is good that the Keoch Review has devoted a whole page to informing us how much it has cost the taxpayer. That surely is what the chairman of the committee that we mentioned in our post was trying to achieve.




But you, My Black Cat, are behaving like a mediocre cat belonging to The Humankind rather than a witch.

In fact, you are being a very, very stupid cat.

Go and read page 49 of The Keoch Report again.

The Page is called:

“Annex B Resources required for the review. “

This time concentrate your mind.

Read it carefully.

And once you have discovered how stupid you are, let me know the TRUE COST to the taxpayer of the Keoch Review.


  1. A cool £3,000,614 WD. Wonder where that could have been spent better…
    Anna :o]

  2. Yes Anna. The info on page 49 is no doubt accurate, but those Black Cats who quickly scan documents (as is necessary nowadays since there are so many to read) will likely have gone away with the wrong message about costs to the taxpayer. Costing needs to be more explicit if it is to be meaningful.

  3. The link is becoming the new small print. At least with print they had to put it somewhere, even if it was font 0.01 at the end of a 100 page document. Now they can send you into a warp in cyberspace to recover the info – that is, if you’ve spotted that it’s missing in the first place.

  4. Love that concept, Julie! Notice too how the link on page 49 did not go directly to the costs in question. Doubtless all the links on HMG’s “Contracts Finder” will eventually disappear completely as the website is reconfigured. Then we will all need to climb on to The Wayback Machine in the hope it transports us to the correct Cyberhole. Not many will be bothered to search.

  5. […] Back to the Keoch Review. […]

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