Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 7, 2013

The elderly : China’s way


To all nations their own way.

What do you mean by that, My Black Cat?

Here is China’s way of dealing with the elderly – necessary partly because of the unintended consequences of their one-child policy.

“The “Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly People” bill says children must care for their parents’ “spiritual needs” as well as their physical needs – which are already protected by law – as they grow older.

Filial devotion is a serious business in China, and is deeply etched in the national psyche. But the transformation of Chinese society over three decades of reform has played havoc with the traditional family model, as younger generations leave home to work in cities, and no longer stay behind to care for their aged parents. Retirement homes are a rarity, and decent pension provision is also a long way away.”

Hmm, I came across a video today My Black Cat.


What do you suppose will happen if the only son or daughter has emigrated to say Europe or the USA? How can they follow the law? Are they made to return home frequently? Will they avoid returning home because a punishment awaits them? Will there be a requirement to stay in China until their parents die? Should the UK ensure the Chinese doctors employed here have no elderly parents at home?

Who knows, My Black Cat. Governments and leaders in China, the UK and everywhere else should always be aware of the unintended consequences of their pronouncements and laws. On occasions when these consequences are easily foreseeable governments should in some way be held accountable for them.

The video is probably some kind of propaganda.

I think.

We don’t have propaganda in the UK any more. Now we call it “Nudge”

Indeed, today The Witch Doctor learned yet another new term.

“Choice architect”

How clever is that?

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