Posted by: Witch Doctor | August 10, 2013

Ramblings on handbags and cherries


Well, My Black Cat, seemingly there is a right hue and cry about a handbag!

Apparently a well-known celebrity who is not well known in Switzerland was told that she would not be able to afford a particular handbag.

The Handbag in question cost £22,000 for goodness sake!

If The Witch Doctor, regardless of her perceived or actual wealth or lack of it, was contemplating spending that amount of money on a handbag, or even showing an interest in it, then she might be grateful to a shop assistant who brought her down to earth with a bang in whatever way possible.

A change of topic……

The Witch Doctor has a totally abnormal addiction to fresh fruit. You would not believe the amount of fruit she can devour during a day, so she won’t tell you.

However, this addiction means that she considers herself to be a bit of a fruit connoisseur.

Take cherries.

Her favourite cherry is the beautiful, sweet, white cherry known as the Rainier cherry. They are quite difficult to come by where she lives. But during July and early August they are available in a well-known chain store in a neighbouring small town.

So every year, The Witch Doctor, during the summer months, frequents this chain for her grocery shopping so that she can add in a supply of “white cherries.”

Yesterday she cleared the shelf by adding the remaining three single layered packs of these cherries to her shopping basket. On this occasion no comment was made by the check out assistant.

This is unusual.

On most occasions over the years the check out assistant says:

“Do you know these cherries cost £8.00 a punnet? Will I put them back?”


“Are these cherries a gift or for yourself? Do you know they cost £8.00 a punnet”?

The Witch Doctor usually just smiles and says “I know” but when she feels slightly more belligerent she replies something along the lines of:

“No they are for me. I’m worth it.”


“It’s OK. I don’t smoke, drink, or go out with men, so I can just about afford them.”

Now then, My Black Cat, do you suppose I should report these recurring events to the papers and the BBC?

After all it might be that The Witch Doctor is continually being subjected to some kind of illegal racist, or sexist, or ageist, or some other kind of …”ist” attack!


  1. Have you tried Tasmanian cherries? i tried them in Tasmania @ A$12/lb and then in HK at A$30/lb.

  2. Were they good and different from those in the shops here? To my knowledge I haven’t tried them although some of the Tasmanian fruit farms say they export world wide. They seem to grow a white fleshed Japanese cherry in Tasmania that is considered a luxury. I wonder if that is the one you bought. It would be interesting to know if the taste was similar to the Rainier cherry although the skin colour is different.

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