Posted by: Witch Doctor | June 24, 2015

The Shanarri Wheel of “Wellbeing”


The idea that Scotland becomes the best place in the world for a child to be brought up in is surely truly admirable.

The idea that the wellbeing of each and every child in Scotland is of paramount importance is also surely truly admirable.


Here is the “Wellbeing Wheel” demonstrating the SHANARRI indicators. (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

What a helpful little Aide Memoire this is for parents, teachers, health professionals, social workers and everyone else in Scotland in contact with children. You could carry about a nice hygienic wipe-clean plastic version in your nappy bag, pocket, handbag, briefcase or rucksack for quick and easy reference.

Trouble is, this is much more than an Aide Memoire.

This wheel is now enshrined in Scots Law …. an approved Act of Parliament that will become fully effective in 2016.

Therefore from 2016, every parent in Scotland will be breaking the law.

Whether they are discovered to be breaking the law however, and are labelled “criminal” and receive due punishment or suppport is quite a different matter.

It will depend largely on the conscientiousness of the “Named Person” appointed for each child in the family and what particular wellbeing parameter the Government is focusing on at a particular time.

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