Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 18, 2015

The tartan partnership


We have not blogged since October.

As is often the case, me and My Black Cat become catatonic when world events reach a certain pitch of evil….. child abuse, and perhaps even murder, involving those in the state responsible for the wellbeing of children in care, in schools, in medical practice. Beheadings and many other atrocities using the name of a religion. Slavery. Trafficking.

Evil there certainly is in this world of ours right now.

However, The Oldest Sage Witch’s Highland Granny has brought us round with a jolt!

She quotes from a document being spewed from The Scottish Government.

“Parents as partners in getting it right for every child”

In Scotland, is The State planning to take responsibility for the upbringing of all children?

They have changed the word. They are calling it “wellbeing” rather than “upbringing.” But delving deeper it seems to The Witch Doctor that in Scotland, “wellbeing” is considered to be “good upbringing.”

And The State will see to the “wellbeing” of every single Scottish child from birth till age 18.

It seems The State is condescendingly allowing parents to become “partners” in this responsibility.

The State has appointed useful idiots known as “named persons.” Every single child in Scotland will have a “named person” from birth till the age of 18.

Funnily enough, My Black Cat came across this notion about a year ago when the Bill was going through the Scottish parliament. It has since become an Act.

We didn’t trust the state then, and we don’t trust them now.

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