Posted by: Witch Doctor | January 5, 2011

Is this the new Latin? Part 2


When My Black Cat thought about The Witch Doctor’s suggestion that Latin should once again become compulsory for all those applying to Medical School, she said she had a much better idea.

She said there was another, much younger language that was just as meticulous as Latin and would impose the same discipline inside the brain of would-be doctors.

She said that it would be far more use to medical students and doctors in this day and age than Latin could ever be.

This is the strange language she talked about.

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She says that if all Medical Students have a sound working knowledge of The Language of the World Wide Web it will have the same disciplining effect as Latin had on the brains of The Old Doctors.

“But there is more to Latin than that.

It is a very meticulous language. The syntax, if that is the correct word, requires a lot of concentration in translating from English to Latin. It is not a language for the impatient, the careless, the forgetful, or those with meandering minds. How the Romans managed to speak Latin remains one of the world’s great mysteries to this witch.

However, meticulousness and all these other attributes are good for a doctor to have.”

My Black Cat thinks the modern Language of the World Wide Web offers much more than Latin ever could. …….

She went on and on and on about all the advantages that the web has bestowed upon learning and communication. The Witch Doctor told her to stop because everyone was aware of this.

She then said it should not only be compulsory for every would-be medical student to have a sound knowledge of The Language of the Web, but the day they were accepted into medical school each student should each start developing their own unique individual blog relating to medicine.

This should be an anonymous blog

And it should be compulsory.

Society, not the government, should demand that it is compulsory.

The Witch Doctor said she did not really see the point of this and she asked her to explain.

It seems My Black Cat is of the opinion that medical students (and other students too for that matter) need an instantaneous voice that the world can hear loudly and clearly.

After all, governments of today seem to be worshiping The God called “Feedback.”

Or so they say…….

Take student fees:

My Black Cat strongly disapproves of the criminal student antics in London recently during their march.

She thinks marches such as the recent one, are always attended by The Activists planted with the sole aim of stirring up trouble regardless of the cause driving the march. And being members of The Humankind, most students will creep a little bit during the march. Some students will creep a lot and will undergo a behaviour change and follow the behaviour pattern of The Activists.

These students might even end up in jail. The Activists, however will ensure they avoid that fate.

Marching of this sort is not a good way of giving feedback to a government.

Feedback needs to be in The Language of The Web.

It needs to take the form of compulsory, careful, rational and meticulous blogging for all medical students from now on using The New Latin.

It needs to be anonymous because My Black Cat is not at all sure that those in charge really want unbiased feedback.

She fears that the powers at be only want to hear the feedback resulting from the works of their own Agents of Change.

After all, the government have set up a unit in order to change the behaviour of society to the way they want it to be, rather than serving society and allowing it to develop its own legal groundswell of behaviour change.

The unit is called “The Behavioural Insight Team.”

The government believe they know what is good for us all and will “impose” that goodness upon us often using a system of rewards.

They have produced a document called “Mindspace – Influencing behaviour through public policy.”

This, My Black Cat says, is what the word “Change” is about.

It has taken My Black Cat a long time to work out the meaning of the word “Change” in the context of all political parties.

Did we vote for a government to control our minds?

Or did we vote for a government to democratically serve us all”

But that is a story for another day.

By the way, My Black Cat, The Witch Doctor does not agree that blogging should ever be compulsory.

Take care, you are now demonstrating the very Creep that you abhor so much.



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  1. Your Black Cat is very, very clever Witch Doctor! My sleep deprived self nodding intenally that YES every medical student, student and damn it – everyone should have an anonymous blog to give the government feedback.

    I am in awe of her investigative powers and have briefly scanned BIT and Mindspace and will fully digest them tomorrow when I am back in the land of the living.

    Reading “By the way, My Black Cat, The Witch Doctor does not agree that blogging should every be made compulsory.

    Take care, you are now demonstrating the very Creep that you abhor so much” –
    made me chuckle with surprise; for a tired me had agreed with it! How easy it is to manipulate a weary population!

    I will also investigate your new blog tomorrow.

    Anna :o]

  2. […] the black cats are interested in this because we think we have worked out the elusive meaning of the word “Change” which is being rammed down our throats by each political […]

  3. Gawd.

    Has anyone got any good news?

    I think blogging should be compulsory, but I’m a bit fascist that way..;)

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