Posted by: Witch Doctor | February 15, 2013

Mid-Staffordshire : a decade of warnings


Just look at this list!

It is no wonder that The Witch Doctor has sought out some respite by becoming an addict to the only kind of social media (apart from blogs) that she finds agreeable.

Her addiction, that is well on the way to becoming madness, is a welcome relief from wading through this diary of events taken from The Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry.

What does it take to alert the “Leaders” of the NHS that Mid- Staffordshire was going off the rails and that there must have been consequences regarding patient care.

In particular, note the entries that My Black Cat has highlighted in purple.

No doubt we will have more to say sometime about the names “David Nicholson” and “Dr Turner” mentioned below.


Aug 2001
PCG concerns re the Trust shared with NHS Executive West Midlands

Jan 2002
CHI report on the Trust sets out concerns

Jul 2003
First peer review of the Trust children’s services published; concerns sent to SHA and PCT

Jul 2004
The Trust’s star rating reduced to zero

Sep 2004
Minister briefed by the SHA on the Trust’s star rating and concerns

Jan 2005
The Trust produces financial recovery plan, with staff cuts; PCT informed

Aug 2005
Report of cancer peer review visit; concerns shared with the SHA (Mar 05) and PCTs (Aug 05)

Aug 2005
Barry Report carried out for the Trust on whistleblowing complaints by two nurses

Aug 2005
Health Scrutiny Committee raises concerns about Trust culture

Oct 2005
David Nicholson and Antony Sumara meet Martin Yeates and Toni Brisby re progress at the Trust and finances

Dec 2005
FT diagnostic: The SHA Committee hold Trust board-to-board meeting; Trust deemed two years away from FT status

Apr 2006
Trust writes to the SHA with details of CRES programme (savings and staff cuts)

May 2006
The Trust writes to the SHA requesting £1 million for redundancies

May 2006
Auditors express serious concerns to the Trust about its management and assurance systems

Jun 2006
Report published of second peer review of children’s services; concerns had been shared with the Trust and SHA in Jan 06

Jul 2006
The Trust writes again to SHA requesting £1 million for redundancies

Aug 2006
The new SHA briefed on peer reviews

Aug 2006
The HCC publishes results of national peer review of children’s services

Sep 2006
Bentley Jennison Report highlights clinical coding concerns to the Trust

Oct 2006
National cancer peer review published; concerns had been shared with the Trust and Cancer Network Director (Jul), SHA (Oct), PCTs (Nov)

Oct 2006
Internal audit criticises accuracy and reliability of Trust’s compliance with HCC standards

Oct 2006
The HCC publishes national review of medicines management, Trust rated ‘weak’

Nov 2006
The Trust writes to the SHA Chief Executive re progress on cost savings

Jan 2007
CHKS audit find 20% error rate in the Trust’s coding

Apr 2007
Dr Foster Report on mortality rates published; the Trust second worst outlier in the country

Apr 2007
SHA receives SUI of Gillian Astbury’s death, after failure to administer insulin

May 2007
The Trust Board told inpatient survey results; Trust in worst 20% in country

Jul 2007
The SHA risk assessment of Trust; Trust deemed high risk on quality and safety

Sep 2007
Helen Moss raises concerns about nurse staffing with the SHA

Oct 2007
The Trust solicitor’s report on death of Mrs Astbury shows serious concerns re quality of care

Oct 2007
Nurse Donnelly lodges whistleblowing complaint re A and E

Oct 2007
Royal College of Surgeons report describes surgical department as dysfunctional

Jan 2008
The HCC inform the SHA it is considering investigation into the Trust

1 Feb 2008
The Trust awarded FT status

5 Feb 2008
The HCC informs Monitor of its interest in the Trust and asks for any information

19 Mar 2008
The HCC launches investigation into the Trust

Mar 2008
The Trust Board receives report of skill mix review

Mar 2008
The Trust Board given 2007 inpatient survey results; the Trust among worst 20% on several points

Apr 2008
The Trust report to the PCT sets out serious concerns re A&E

23 May 2008
The HCC writes to the Trust with concerns about A&E

May 2008
Dr Turner first raises concerns about A&E with the SHA Deanery

7 Jul 2008
The HCC writes to Trust re concerns about basic nursing care

Jul 2008
Audit Commission report finds inaccuracies in Trust coding

Jul 2008
The HPA raises concerns about handling of C. difficile cases by the Trust

Sep 2008
The Trust receives report of external review of A&E by Heart of England NHS FT; confirms several deficiencies

1 Oct 2008
The PCT sends the Trust formal performance notice re A&E target; copied to Monitor

15 Oct 2008
The HCC writes to the Trust with concerns about unsafe care; copy also sent to the SHA, the PCT, Monitor and the DH

Oct 2008
Third peer review on children’s services; concerns had been shared with the PCT (July) and the SHA (Oct)

4 Nov 2008
The PCT issues second performance notice to Trust

Mar 2009
The HPA peer review of C. difficile outbreak at Trust shows failure to institute effective measures

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